Jeep Renegade 75th Anniversary, to the test: concentrate personality and skills 4×4

75 years Ago began the production of the Willys-Overland MB. The Jeep began its existence as off-road light, designed to allow a great mobility of the u.s. troops on the battlefield. Today Jeep is a brand almost a cult, with followers and loyal fans, who would never think of buying another vehicle. Up to now my only contact with this Jeep had been a Compass, one of the products that are less worthy of the american brand. With the Jeep Renegade, reach the redemption, and with this special series, celebrate their 75 years of life.

Of the Willys MB, the Jeep Renegade

The abbreviation for GP, the pet of Popeye… the origin of the name “jeep” is not so clear.

The history of Jeep is a complex one, though it’s relatively short. why is it called Jeep to the Jeep, if you were born as a Willys MB? Jeep is an abbreviation, phonetic, derived from the acronym by which it was known to the small off-road slang military: GP (General Purpose). Other sources point to Eugene the Jeep, a sort of mascot that appeared in the comic books of Popeye’s to the late 30’s, a kind of faithful companion of adventures. How ended up the name Jeep in popular culture?


After a demonstration of the skills of the MB in the steps of the Capitol in Washington, DC, the tester of Willys-Overland told the press “it’s a Jeep”. The press began to refer to these versatile suvs as “jeeps”, the snowball became larger, and after the war Willys began to sell the “jeep” the military under the acronym CJ. “Civilian Jeep”. It was the first commercial use of the name, that Willys got rob Ford – during the conflict built by custom part of the MB.

Jeep has gone through many different hands. From the not-so-distant year 1987 is the property of Chrysler.

The “jeep” manufactured by Ford during the conflict had a calender of nine vertical bars. To distinguish commercially their vehicles and give them personality required to register the mark, Willys equipped its CJ with calandras of seven vertical bars. Since then, every Jeep has kept this sign of identity. Why I’m telling you this roll? Because the Jeep Renegade 75th Anniversary has taken into account the history of the brand, paying tribute to all the little details and winks.

jeep-cherokee-xjWillys would end up under the umbrella of Kaiser Motors years later, producing the well-known Kaiser-Jeep, today classic very popular. American Motors Corporation would end up becoming in the 1970s with the control of Kaiser-Jeep. Would AMC that further develop the brand, laying the foundation of the extremely popular Cherokee XJ, before being acquired by Chrysler in 1987. Jeep already had its own entity, exploding in popularity since the 70’s. Today, it is a profitable division of the Group FCA. It could not be said the same thing a few years ago.

Today the Jeep brand is the most important of the Group FCA, the most vehicles sold with a difference.

The consortium Italian-american has breathed new life into the brand, that was sold in 2015 nothing less than 1.2 million vehicles, quadrupling the figures pre-Fiat. Today, is the brand’s most successful Group FCA with a difference. A complete renewal of products and new offensive product are to blame. The spearhead of this offensive is the car that we have on our hands, the Jeep Renegade. A car is extremely important for the brand, which seeks its place in the world crossover without relinquishing their roots.


Knowing the Jeep Renegade

The Jeep Renegade is a compact SUV. Some might consider it a crossover, but given his skills off-road and its legacy, it is right that we call it a SUV. Shares platform and engines with the Fiat 500X, but while the Italian is refined, elegant and chic, the Jeep Renegade is your cousin, adventurer, who likes the adventure sports and attract attention. The Jeep Renegade has on his wall a poster of the Wrangler, and he tries to seem, with a design chart and a image robust.

Jeep has sold 3.346 Renegade in 2015 in Spain. Four times more than the Cherokee and five times more than the Wrangler.

Is the image of their main weapon, in a segment very hard on that to highlight it is really important. The special edition 75th Anniversary has details, and exclusive colors that are looking for that distinction of the competition. The Anvil Grey of your body or the tone matte bronze for the calender, some moldings, and wheels of 18 inches are some of the exclusive details of this version. The specific badges and interior trim in bronze color bind to the huge collection of details, winks, and Easter eggs of the Renegade.

jeep-renegade-2016-prueba-9-mdmI like the Renegade, I like that from any angle is identifiable as a Jeep. In his presentation, already called the attention to me its optical rear, nice front. To give it a look even more retro, this special-edition 75th Anniversary equips of series roof MySky. Is a sun roof fiber glass, whose peculiarity is that it can be removed, turning to the Renegade in a mini-convertible. I explain its operation, and all the details in this article on the Garage motor.

aboard the Jeep Renegade

Good quality, finishes very resultones and just failures of termination. The Jeep Renegade is above average for the segment.

fortunately, the Jeep Renegade is light years away from the Compass, which has replaced. Test that on your day we publish off two failures great: a quality interior, very fair, and ergonomics could be improved, both in the driving position as in the rear seats. The Jeep Renegade has today one of the interior designs better solved on the segment. Although not particularly outstanding in any aspect, has personality, and many details done to give us a little more about life on board.

jeep-renegade-2016-prueba-56-mdmAs, for example, two USB jacks, a socket for conventional 230 volt (optional) or a grip on the dashboard for the front passenger will not have problems when driving off road. The instrumentation has a splash of mud to indicate the red area of the cuentavueltas, and its TFT screen allows you to access tons of information. The on-board computer has meter temperature of water and oil, something that we value very highly: you don’t want to step on the accelerator most of the account with the oil cold.

The TFT screen in the instrumentation is huge, and it shows in high resolution, tons of very useful information.

Very good reading for this on-board computer, whose screen is interestingly larger than the screen of the infotainment system, a Uconnect latest generation with screen of 6.5 inches. I’ve only found a failure of ergonomics in the Jeep Renegade: it’s easy – both for driver and passenger, especially if your height exceeds the mean – shift with the knee roulettes temperature of the climate control. Without realizing it, on more than one occasion we have altered the temperature by several degrees Celsius.

jeep-renegade-2016-prueba-53-mdm what Is travel wide in the Jeep Renegade? In the squares in front I can’t complain any space, in any dimension. The seats collected in the body and have a multitude of settings. The space in the rear seats is sufficient, although at the level of a width of three passengers traveling fair. Perhaps it is a mania personal, but the length of the rear bench seems to me rather weak. In both rows of seats there are many centimeters free up to the ceiling, so the Renegade seems like a good car for tall people.

The knob of the shift lever is aluminum, and has a design really nice. A lot of detail.

keep in mind that the Jeep Renegade only measured by 4.25 meters in length: in relation to its exterior size, it is a car it is very spacious. The trunk of the Jeep Renegade has 350 litres of capacity, a correct figure, something scarce in relation to its rivals, the Mitsubishi ASX has 416 liters of volume and the Nissan Qashqai is already going to the 430 litres, is 10 cm longer than the Renegade. Under the floor of the trunk there is a lot of space, which in our unit was occupied by a spare wheel full-size.

jeep-renegade-2016-prueba-82-mdmIs a extra 252 euros that makes us indispensable, minimal aspirations 4×4. By folding the second row seat gets a load space completely flat, about 1.3 cubic meters of volume.

Diesel of 140 HP and all-wheel drive: our impressions

The system ParkSense aparcará the car for us, both in battery as well as in cord.

The motor of our unity is a 2.0 Multijet 140 CV. A propellant source Fiat, which is already known in other vehicles of the Group FCA. The engine is not too tight, which transmits their vibrations to the passenger compartment until it gets some temperature. Its 140 BHP of power accompanied by a more than abundant torque: 350 Nm at only 1,500 rpm. The engine stands out by a force in the low enviable, which rivals with engines of 1.6 liters and power outputs similar can not boast: it takes more displacement for that.

jeep-renegade-2016-prueba-39-mdmFrom the 1200 rpm it pushes with force, without decay until beyond 4,000 rpm. Pushes with a lot of decision to the Jeep Renegade, and without being a sporty, makes it possible to solve with warranty overtaking on secondary road. Now, your sound as you stretch the gears is very pleasant, and from 3,500 rpm is just noise, go up a gear. This abundance of torque and a weight content – 1.505 kg with all-wheel drive – allows a relaxed driving, without playing too much with the change.

You can equip a detector of the vehicle at a standstill, lane-keeping assistants and reversing camera.

This Jeep Renegade has been with me for more than 3,000 km, in which I was able to test in all imaginable circumstances. I assume that is a car that shall typically the field, although I spent a lot of time on the streets of any city, and the roads that surround it. In urban areas there is a system Stop&Start well-put point, though not too fast – on one occasion I deactivated. In town is a car agile, but it has given me the feeling of seem bigger than it really is.

jeep-renegade-2016-prueba-30-mdmIs shorter than a Volkswagen Golf, and you can park it without any problems. Only get used to their measures, and a visibility towards the three-quarters rear is not the best of the segment. To change, is very well insulated and is easy to drive, with a game of clutch and gearbox very natural. The suspension is somewhat dry on the irregularities of the asphalt. On the road is a good support to the dynamics of the car, and a step-by-curve agile, which I was not expecting to find myself in a Jeep vehicle.

The consumption seems to me high, maybe by not having a slick bright, the fruit of its forms blocky.

mountain passes, highways, rounds… all I have toured with the Jeep, which shines by a motor of excellent response, that errs on the side of consumption is somewhat high. We are in the middle of summer and the air conditioning has always been on, but has been very complicated to lose the 6 l/100 km. On a tour of the urban-to-legal speeds in the other SUV – even larger and more powerful – consume less than 6 l/100 km, the Jeep Renegade has drunk with 6.8 litres for every 100 kilometres travelled.

jeep-renegade-2016-prueba-66-mdmThe consumption really has always fluctuated between 6 and 7 litres/100 km has Only gone up in urban tours. The real independence of the car, with a tank of 48 liters – yes it should have something more tank – has been around 550-600 kilometers. The Jeep Renegade it is an SUV but wants to be an all-rounder, and shows it with a height to the ground a minimum of 200 mm, and a dimensions for off-road that take the colors to all of its rivals. Your angle of entry is 21st, its departure angle of 31º, and their angle belly of a great 24th.

The Jeep Renegade is also available with front-wheel drive, for those who don’t go to get it out of the asphalt.

has No gearbox, but your first is quite short in order to compensate for its absence. The awd system in the Jeep Renegade is called the Active Drive, and offers four driving modes, as well as a blockage of 50% for movement at low speed. Modes Sand, Mud and Snow to adapt the distribution of power to both axles in real-time, allowing optimum movement through such terrain. I’ve tested it on a forest track, with deep ruts of mud, and in no time the car made feint of being stuck.

jeep-renegade-2016-prueba-21-mdmThe crossing of bridges is to sew and to sing, as you can see in the photo that accompanies these lines. If we do not know very well what to do, leave it in “Auto” mode and the car will send power to the rear-wheel drive when it detects loss of adhesion. If we want real off-road performance, Jeep offers the version Trailhawk the Renegade, with even more ground clearance and undercarriage reinforced. The version Trailhawk has no rival in the segment, and even comes with a gearbox and hill descent control.

Equipment, opponents and conclusions

Charisma, personality, image. The Jeep Renegade, we were conquered by the senses and clouds our judgment.

Even with its engine 2.0 140 CV is not the most economical of the segment and its visibility is not spectacular, the Jeep Renegade is infinitely better than its predecessor. It is a product well designed, loaded with technology and comes in through the eyes, as sales figures demonstrate. The special edition 75th Anniversary that we tested is only available with the diesel engine 140 HP, although it offers the option to equip an automatic gearbox, with torque converter and no fewer than nine relations.

jeep-renegade-2016-prueba-2-mdmThe equipment is very broad. To the aesthetic details of the 75th Anniversary joins the sun roof removable MySky, a screen of 6.5 inches with browser and system, Uconnect, cruise control or automatic climate control bizona. The price of the manual version starts at 33.800 euros, although with the extras of our unit – the pack of active safety, the xenon headlights, the wizard ParkSense parking auto, the spare wheel, the paint Anvil… – exceeds 38,000 euros. It is not little money, do not.

rivals of the Jeep Renegade ranging from the Nissan Juke to his brother the Fiat 500X, going for the Nissan Qashqai, the Mitsubishi ASX, and even the SEAT Ateca. Be that as it may, Jeep has won the battle of brand image, con a more personal aspect and iconic that its rivals. Of course there are more efficient rivals and opponents more dynamic in a stretch of curves, but none of them have their off-road capabilities or a personality so marked. And is this charism as the main weapon of the Jeep Renegade. For me it has been conquered.