Jeep sells a Renegade diesel with 95 hp in Italy

Jeep Renegade Night Eagle

Jeep and Renegade have become the goose that lays the golden eggs of the Group the Italian-american Fiat Chrysler Cars (FCA). due to the expansion of the range of the manufacturer of all terrain and its arrival to the market the signing of the seven bars has increased exponentially their sales globally. Well, if you still it off, the way everything smaller Jeep has added a diesel mechanical access with 95 hp.

Italy has become the second home of Jeep since the Renegade is manufactured in a plant out Italian Group’s FCA along with the Fiat 500X. For this reason the firm has decided to launch this version of access to this important european market. The reason which has given the brand is simple and adjust to what the market demands. With this model, and engine what they are looking for is to provide a vehicle striking for young people who have taken out the card a short time ago and can’t drive a vehicle more powerful.

Salpicadero Jeep Renegade TrailhawkThe engine is the familiar 1.6 MultiJet of the Group FCA that instead of offering the 105 or 120 hp, which we already know provides only 95 hp. Obviously, that is a power very timid for this type of vehicle, but the legislation Italian brand that for novice drivers (during a time) may not drive vehicles of more than 55 kW of power per ton and this Renegade perfectly fulfils this premise.

This engine develops a torque of 320 Nm, a figure not negligible to be of only 95 hp. in Addition, it is linked to a gearbox six-speed manual. The brand has decided that this motorization is only attached to the equipment level Sport, the most basic available in the Italian market. to Your price, with no promotions or discounts are situated in the 22.800 euros, so that it could be much lower once the mark will apply their discounts on fee.

To end to mention that we do not believe that this model reaches our borders since in Spain there is no limitation of power for novice drivers and therefore would not be necessary. Yes it could in the future reach Spain’s version of 105 hp, which is also sold in Italy, in order to reduce even more their base price in the mechanical cycle diesel.

Source: Jeep Italia