Jeep started the production of the new Compass in Toluca (Mexico)

FCA Jeep Toluca

Facility for Chrysler in Toluca (Mexico)

Fiat Chrysler Cars (FCA) is moving ahead with its plans to launch the market new models. Jeep Compass is the next one who will come to our streets and to make it as soon as possible, the signature american is going to start its manufacturing in the plant they have in Mexico. The centre of Toluca is one of the most important to the group italo-american because of it out models that come to the united States and other markets in the region Latin.

This factory opened its doors in the distant year 1964 and currently of their production lines out some of the models that produces FCA. Among them, we have to the Dodge Journey or Fiat 500 in their versions for the united States. For Europe it only comes a model, the Journey in version Freemont Fiat. However, with the incorporation of the new generation Jeep Compass is expected that more than half of the productive capacity of the plant end up in the markets of Europe.

Jeep Compass

In a first moment the Jeep Compass is manufactured exclusively at this plant to all over the world and with your assignment FCA shows his total commitment to the country. In its first phase of manufacturing the units that come out of this factory, iran aimed to cover the demand of the markets, mexican, american and canadian. Already in a second phase, the new Compass will cross the Atlantic Ocean to arrive at dealerships in Europe.

in Addition, in Mexico, the new generation of the Jeep Compass will also be built in other countries. The next production centre that will host your production will be Brazil. From this center will cover the demand of the model in the markets of South America. The third production centre will be located in China; because the demand in the eastern market will be much higher and to avoid transport costs and tariffs on cars manufactured in other countries have decided to assemble locally.

The firm has a lot of hopes that this model to work at the commercial level, for he is renewed to the previous generations of the Compass and Patriot. Both models were a real failure in sales due to poor quality, low safety, and be poorly adapted to the tastes of the customers. Hopefully I have luck this time.

Source – Fiat Chrysler Cars (FCA)

Jeep Compass
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