Jeep Wrangler 2018: the raw images of the new hardtop


New hardtop detachable parts, even in front.

Recently I brought you the latest pictures of the new Jeep Wrangler 2018, which is to culminate their development in these moments. Today we show a new series of spy photos in which we can see with more detail one of these units, in which we discovered the new system for the hardtop that will be the new generation.

This now has a series of plastic panels removable and as we can see in the detail images of the ceiling, that appears discovered almost entire, is divided into a zone, the front, of a smaller size and a large panel for the rest of the body. In the front area , we find two panels instead of one, so it seems that it may be dismantled for parts, so a T-Top.

The new Wrangler 2018 will be a great update of the model, though of course still maintaining its well-known forms and design. Since this is your main sales argument, as well as its frame, with a scheme of solid axles, clearly oriented to the off-road.


appreciate slightly the franchise between the panels.

As the previous unit that we saw recently, this has little camouflage, being situated this on everything in front and behind. In the behind as we find, for the first time in the history of the model a rear-view camera, and in the front we can see now a few pilots are much more elaborate than usual, which seem to have a DRL light in a circular shape, on the outer edge of the optic.

At the technical level, we will find elements of the same frame made in aluminium, as well as a diesel version – also in the united States, where it will be quite a novelty – and a possible hybrid version. The diesel version will be available in Europe as usual but will not arrive at their market home until at least the model 2022 and later will appear the hybrid variant.

Its presentation is imminent, as it begins its manufacturing at the plant in Toledo, Ohio, this month of November. So will likely be unveiled at the Auto show in New York, which is held in a few weeks.