Jeep Wrangler 2018: with less camouflage next to your presentation


Less camo, but still very covered.

This is not the first occasion that we may analyse one of the units tests of the new Jeep Wrangler 2018, which will be a update fairly deep model, although on an aesthetic level continue to have access to his iconic image, almost unchanged.

This unit is distinguished from the above that we have been able to see by your obvious loss of camouflage, especially in the side area. Still hidden behind and front, that is where you will find the majority of new developments aesthetic. Although these developments will be of a minor nature, almost we would say that mild makeup aesthetic, as the key selling points of the Wrangler are your rack off-road pure and his iconic image.

In the interior, at the technical level, we will find a modified chassis in which you will find elements made of aluminium, to be able to lighten their weight. Rack-level, we do not expect too many changes from what we already know with solid axles and a setup something more sweetened for those customers of asphalt, but still more of a off-road of a passenger car or SUV to use.


rear and front are still very clogged.

In the last few months there have appeared some studies of the design of this new generation of the Wrangler, studies tried to lighten and modernize in excess of your image, probably to compete with the horde of new SUV model, the real kings of the market. However, Jeep the stop in favour of a static approach and continuistas, given the success of the model, which is one of the few suvs real that has been able to face up to the new generation of SUVs and crossovers.

Its mechanics could be part of the novelty of this new model in 2018, as it is rumored with the possible introduction of a block diesel, a V6 3.0-liter supercharged, in addition to a possible hybrid version. Something unheard of in this model. For the moment we can confirm a V6 engine Pentastar and the 8-speed transmission automatic, as well as a new block of 4-cylinder Hurricane.

One of their major news and you can see a detail shot of
this gallery of images is the appearance of a vision camera
. An element installed for the first time in this model. Your
presentation should be the same spring, more than likely in
the Auto show New York, which is held in a few weeks.
After this, the start up of its production is already confirmed for the
next month of November 2017.