Jenson Button hopes for the championship of F1 of 2016

Jenson Button ante la prensaJenson Button, the pilot and partner Fernando Alonso at McLaren-Honda, is hopeful for the championship of Formula 1, 2016. This first year of testing has been frustrating, both pilots have seen the grill from the very back, and a high percentage of races have not seen the checkered flag by reliability problems. The year has been so bad that they have lost many sponsors, and has become the worst season in the history of McLaren in F1.

Honda re-entered F1 with an innovative project, but so different is that the problems have not stopped arise. Reliability problems affect different parts of the power unit, but gradually have been taking care of some, we come to the end of the season and still continue to break engines. 12 power units have been used in the case of Alonso (of the 4 allowed without penalizing) and between both pilots add up to more than a dozen to get a handful of points.

McLaren Alonso GP de Brasil 2015 humoIn McLaren despair, the press is very pessimistic, but from the team from Woking and since Honda seem to keep calm in a critical situation. The own Fernando indicated that the problems are identified, but it seems that to solve them they need a redesign of the electrical part, in which it is speculated that they lose almost 200CV power. Button and Alonso have taken it with humor as the picture ne to the podium of the GP of Brazil, but rely on having a good winter to recover lost ground.

In the winter will be able to use 32 tokens, that is to say, around a total of 32% of the engine may be redesigned. A good winter and a good test, coupled with all the work and data obtained this season will be very useful for McLaren-Honda to be more competitive next year. Button states: “We are a team that will improve a lot. I’m Not saying that I expect that to improve, I say that will improve.“. So we hope for the good of the Formula 1, of these two champions, McLaren, Honda and the competitiveness of the championship of 2016…