Jenson Button: “this year will influence what you want to do in 2017”


Jenson Button is the driver in the most veteran of the grill, but still maintains the motivation and the ability to be a pilot attractive to teams that have aspirations in the grill. The british, always interesting in his thoughts and with things to say, gave an interview to the portal, in which he spoke about multiple topics.

the evolution of The

“it is Never so
fast as you want it to be, I think that this is true for everyone in the
team. But we also realize how competitive is this
sport and that we’re not going to win races, suddenly from the first
time, with a new manufacturer that is a year and a half behind
in terms of development. Last year was hard, this season
we have not seen the best of us. There is still a long way to
go. Monaco is an interesting race for us, but
let’s see the progress throughout the year. But no, we’re not going to
win races this year “.

The fun of riding

“Improvement career
career, because we become more competitive, so we started to
have struggles, and at least we are competing. I would like a lot more
to be in the points and have fights in which you know you are going to
get them. We are not there yet, but it will come. We work in

the difference between The
compete for a win or for points

“it is No different.
Still get to the race and does the best it can be. I don’t think that
you have pilots who jump in the car and don’t give the best, because
want to do the best possible for themselves. You still have that
compete with your team-mate and with other riders. It is a
nonsense to claim that pilots do not pinch when you are not in a
car competitive. Why not do it? This is what we do for
live, it is our job, our hobby, our life is. Why
do you meterías in the car to drive to a 9 of 10? That
just doesn’t happen. All the world is tight, because you want to get
well against his team mate. So I don’t believe it when
I hear someone say that.”


to Have Fernando Alonso as teammate
and rival

“I Think if I were a pilot
more young man in the other car would not be so exciting. But when
you have Fernando as a team mate, you’ll stay motivated,
look forward in all the races with the challenge of beating
your team-mate. Of course we both want to win
careers, but we don’t. Only one driver has won races this
year and only two have a chance of winning races this year,
I think. So, while we are progressing, we will be happy. I go out
to compete thinking he will fight one of the best pilots
has never driven a Formula 1, who still thinks that is the best,
as he said to the press”.

How to prove that still is a

“¿How can they prove the guys
young people who are good enough? Who says that Max
is good? Who says that Carlos is good?
No one knows, they have never competed against a team-mate
experienced, so maybe the car is simply good. What I have
I demonstrated this in my career, I’ve won a World Championship. Fernando
also, this is the test”.


“they Are very good at
what they do and the relationship is good. Have worked a lot with the
western in the past, so there is no problem in
all. We didn’t have great expectations. I know what is the
situation and know what to expect when it comes to a Great Prize”.

2017 and
his future at McLaren

“I Think that much of what
that is happening this year will influence what you want to do the
next. I have a good understanding of how will be the cars of the
next year and I want to be in a position to be
competitive and fight for good results -at least in the struggle – and
that is what will keep me in the sport. My intention is to be
competitive the coming year, run and enjoy. I would love to
do it here and I hope this team is on that