Jeremy Clarkson announces Amazon Prime Air: delivered packages by drones in 30 minutes

Amazon wants to completely transform the logistics of its hypermarket online. What and how you want to do this? With drones, vehicles flying drone that will deliver your orders in less than half an hour. Meanwhile, Jeremy Clarkson and his team heat engines, already working on the filming of the new television program, whose name we still can’t echo, which will be released in the season 2016. why is it so interesting that Amazon starts to hand out orders in drones?

The new program, Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond, whose name we do not yet know, will be released in 2016.

First for its speed. 30 minutes is a time unimaginable to any delivery service of orders minimally viable than we have ever known to date. Amazon, which in some places is already able to deliver orders in a few hours, he wants the drones to help increase the speed of deliveries to an extent that until very recently would have seemed unimaginable.

on the other hand, Amazon advocates for the safe and efficient that is handing out packages with drones. The drones are lightweight, consume very little energy (and does not emit CO2, as a change of sharing with a combustion engine), not to clog the roads, not parked in a double row in your street to deliver the package, not delayed, and are able to leave the order exactly where requested by the client. In the video you can see how it would be enough to leave a mark with the emblem of Amazon, by way of heliport, in the garden for the drone to deposit the package.

Aware that Jeremy Clarkson is a good publicity gimmick, Amazon are already paying your image, not only to promote the future Amazon Prime Air, but also to Amazon Fire TV, its video player on demand.

In any case, and although technically you are resolved to begin to function as soon as possible, the deal with drones that proposed Amazon Prime Air still needs a regulatory framework, a series of legal provisions that allow the drones Amazon take to fly.

The first centers of Amazon capable of delivering packages using drones have already been launched, currently in the testing phase. In any case, Amazon hopes that very soon we can receive packages via drones, starting with a few locations specific to the united States, the United Kingdom, and Israel.

Source: Amazon
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