Jeremy Clarkson “come back home” for christmas for the special of Top Gear

2015 has been a year very movidito for fans of Top Gear. Back in march we knew that Jeremy Clarkson had been suspended by a discussion, which came to the hands, with one of the producers of the program. Today, neither Jeremy Clarkson nor his companions, May and Hammond are still in Top Gear and in the BBC. After the inexorable dismissal of Clarkson, the trio skull was head hunted by Amazon to star in a new program of cars, and humor, will premiere next year. Even so, the BBC is still willing to redeem the image of his media star, and this christmas there will be a new special Top Gear, although in a different format to the usual, with the prominence of the own Jeremy Clarkson.

Without his physical presence, Jeremy Clarkson will star in this christmas special with some of the best moments in Top Gear. But neither will be present in the recording, or charged for the rights to the image after its issuance.

BBC has announced this special scheme and also the role of the good Jeremy Clarkson. There will be No trip of the season, as the road trip Patagonia from the last season (which by the way ended with a new scandal for which they ask for even three years in prison for Clarkson in Argentina).

The chosen format would be review, from a To Z, the best moments of Clarkson, May and Hammond in Top Gear. Without a doubt this is the last opportunity that they have Top Gear, and the BBC, to redeem the image of Jeremy Clarkson and step to heat the atmosphere and generate excitement around the new team that will lead the future of Top Gear in 2016.


In 2016 will begin a new journey for Top Gear. Chris Evans will take the reins of one of the most popular programs in the world, and one of the great successes of the BBC. The special of this christmas should serve to introduce the team to the final, and there is no presence of Clarkson, May and Hammond, and there will be no “christmas bonus” in the form of payment for the rights to his image, to them.

Meanwhile, Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond, are already rolling the chapters of your program for Amazon, of which we do not know the date of premiere, nor did his name.


By the way, and finally, did you know that the hotel in which Jeremy Clarkson had the brawl with his producer has premiered this board?

“Here lies the race in the BBC Jeremy Clarkson, that took a “free-for-all” in this place, march 4, 2015. The rest is legend.” Tremendous epitaph.

Source: BBC
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