Jeremy Clarkson confirmed that make a show car to compete with Top Gear


Jeremy Clarkson confirmed through his Sunday column in the British newspaper The Sunday Times , which is working on a new show rivaling Top Gear .


Jeremy-Clarkson-Top-Gear H to last longer one month since the incident occurred between Jeremy Clarkson a member of the production, which left the British presenter out the BBC, Top Gear .

Jeremy Clarkson and designs his return to television to compete against Top Gear.

In one of his Sunday in the British newspaper The Sunday Times columns, the now former Top Gear presenter said chances of his return to the BBC are completely void . But that does not mean it’s announcing his retirement, but said he is working on a new project , related to the world of cars.

This is a show that will become a rival of Top Gear if the British chain finally decides to continue the show, considering that James May and Richard Hammond might be considering accompany his former teammate in his new television venture.

While the internal investigation by the BBC culminated in the completion of the contract Clarkson investigating the North Yorkshire Police determined that would not need to take any additional action.

The only concrete so far is that Jeremy Clarkson make a new television show related to the world of cars, although it is not known for sure what their format or platform . Some weeks it appeared that Clarkson’s future could be in the platform Netflix, but nothing has been confirmed yet done.

What is also likely is that both James May as Richard Hammond accompany him in this new adventure, but will have to wait for official confirmation.





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