Jeremy Clarkson merry christmas insulting to the argentines

Jeremy Clarkson in an image file.

The departure of Jeremy Clarkson of Top Gear has not finished with the character, controversial and witty in the british, they had no other way to congratulate these parties to their Twitter followers with a contempt, direct and explicit to the argentines.

In his last and controversial tweet, Clarkson wishes happy holidays to all over the world with a concise “Happy Christmas to everyone”, but pointing out that “except the inhabitants of Tierra del Fuego in Argentina”, adding a construction very formal and timid of the british expression “Fuck off” and that we can translate it as “go to fry asparagus”.

The tweet was published the same christmas day at 12:45, so that seems to us a little early for alcohol out in part responsible of such out-of-tune, but you never know. By the time the presenter does not seem to have shown a lot of emotions with respect to that tweet, nor the obvious response that has obtained many media figures and argentine.

The argentine artist Albert Canil has come to refer to as jester, stating that with that attitude the only thing that does is harm to Great Britain. To the words of Candil Clarkson responded just “Nom, nom, nom”.

Just as a reminder, in the last months of Clarkson in Top Gear the entire team had to flee the Land of Fire while rolling a special chapter of Top Gear, the reason was that the license plate of the vehicle that drove Clarkson could be interpreted as a reminder of the Falklands War. So a given moment, a multitude exalted was to by the presenters, who had to be evacuated immediately.

The matter did not end there and Clarkson is due to open by the argentine justice, which more than likely do not have to face ever.

The famous Porsche Top Gear had to leave behind.

The BBC had to endure many years with these constant shenanigans of the presenter, but today, and already in a private company such as Amazon, we are wondering how you will handle this the most secure polemics that they will pursue the presenter in the years to come.