Jeremy Clarkson, signing of the year: charge 13 million per season on Amazon (and almost joining Apple)

Never mind that the future of Top Gear is already clarified and that the “skull trio” already have work at Amazon. James May, Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond will continue talking about cars and making us laugh in a program that will debut in 2016. But Amazon know that, according to gossip (Telegraph), Amazon would have paid more than 200 million euros by services trio that even if the punch heading Clarkson Top Gear? Did you know that Jeremy Clarkson would collect more than 13 million euros per season? Did you know that Apple was negotiating to acquire the services of Clarkson, May and Hammond?

It’s official! The skull trio Top Gear will hand screens Amazon in 2016

What paints Apple in? If you still think Apple is the company that sells personal, mobile and tablet computers, you’re sadly mistaken. Her next big movement is in audiovisual content, and not just in its distribution, also in production. In a few days it could present a new Apple TV, a much fuller and worked, too expensive product. Apple wants to be present in our televisions, not only with applications and games. Cupertino brand would have had a very large budget (Variety) to start producing their own content. And in that vein, done with Clarkson, May and Hammond would have been certainly a good move.

The battle, which also had all gotten to Netflix, creative platform series like House of Cards, finally won the Amazon. They say that the signing was shut in more than 200 million euros and Jeremy Clarkson charged more than 13 million euros per season . A real stupidity. Do not you think?

In motor:

It’s official! The skull trio Top Gear will hand screens Amazon in 2016

Top Gear already has its new presenter Chris Evans is the new “Jeremy Clarkson”

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