Jeremy Clarkson will be the first journalist to test-drive the Bugatti Chiron


The Bugatti Chiron as it arrives in the hands of the press.

The successor of the Bugatti Veyron has been very elusive with the press, until now, only a lucky few have had the chance to do an official test, but always from the passenger seat. Until now the brand had not prepared any test-drive official for the various international media.

The first of them, or at least the first that we know will be The Grand Tour, the new program of Clarkson, Hammond and May produced by Amazon.

These have already revealed a new video in which they announce the test. An exciting video that aims to raise a lot of excitement, with a striking presentation of the specifications of the model. Although in the case of Chiron, not really needed too much fanfare.

By the time we don’t know where or who will perform the test, nor as it will be the same. If in the usual format of the program or if it will be a test of speed similar to that made James May with the Veyron Super Sport.

it is Not known when it will be issued by the episode, that you have all of the paints we delve into the specifications most curious and striking of the model, as it is able to empty your tank of 83 litres in just 9 minutes at maximum speed.

detail very curious of the data that provides the teaser is that it mentions
your maximum speed is for the moment a secret. The brand is not going to
to perform a speed test until at least the year 2018.


Its top speed is still secret.

however, although the limited speed of the Chiron is 267.8 miles per
time, 430 km/h, in the video it is suggested that the rate should be
over 280 mph, 450 km/h, which could confirm the reports that indicated that her maximum speed is in the 458 km/h.