Jesus Quintero comes out unscathed after the overturning of his Hummer H3 Flower Power

Jesus-Quintero-Hummer-H3-volcadoYesterday at 13:45 hours of the noon, the reporter huelva Jesus Quintero he suffered a spectacular accident while driving his car, a Hummer H3 designed by Custo Barcelona, by the roads of the town of Cartaya (Huelva). For unknown reasons, He lost control of his vehicle, went to the ditch and after giving two laps to the hood, the jeep ended upside down.

Fortunately, no one was hurt nothing beyond the damages suffered by the Hummer H3, since Jesus Quintero was unharmed in the accident, although disoriented, coming out even by its own through one of the windows in the vehicle. In any case, even though it was taken care of in situ by medical services, for prevention was transferred to a medical center nearby in order to rule out major injury.

Hummer H3 Jesús Quintero volcadoThis accident adds to the recent problems of Jesus Quintero, who is not going through its best economic times, to be ruined after several failed businesses, .

Custo Barcelona presented the Hummer H3 Flower Power at the Auto show in Madrid in 2006, perhaps wanting to link the image of the Hummer, an off-roader that finds its origins in the military vehicles, with a message for peace. It was in the year 2007 when Jesus Quintero, known for his eccentricities, he purchased the drive of the Hummer H3 with the that suffered yesterday accident.

Source – Huelva Today