Jiotto Caspita, the japanese sports that could be and was not


Even today, its silhouette continues to be current

The car that occupies us today, was a contemporary of the Cizeta, and as this, was also a victim of the recession. This project was promoted by the japanese company Dome, the first constructor of racing cars japanese. He was a very ambitious project and included a 12-cylinder boxer Subaru commissioned Motori Moderni and was derived from that used in F1. He subsequently went on to use a V10 Judd.

The designer of the car was Kunihisa Ito, vice-president of the design company Jiotto Design Incorporated. The idea of this project was to develop a racing car approved for driving on the street and be able to transform the car in a very short time and with few costs in a Formula C.

Rode a suspension dynamics developed expressly for this model that I could vary the ride height between 7 and 13 centimeters. Also had a rear spoiler electronically variable which ensured the adherence to the ground.


Their appearance keeps reminding you of some of the Mclaren

The engine was a Judd-derived directly from Formula 1 that I couldnt do 577Cv

The initial project had a engine 12 cylinder boxer shorts commissioned by Subaru Motori Morini ,in principle this engine gave 620Cv, but he saw reduced his power until the 450Cv due to the approvals. The solution was found by replacing the engine by a Judd V10 that I couldnt do 577Cv. Riding a change of 6 speeds and rear-wheel drive. With a weight of 1100kg, reached 320 km/h and accelerated 0 to 100km/h in 4,7 seconds, a few very good figures for the time.

The truth is that the car has not aged too much and is still quite good-looking, recalling in some way the silhouette of some Mclaren. The car had its debut in the International motor show in Tokyo in 1989, the anticipation of the brand was the construction of 6 vehicles a year.

Like many other stories of new manufacturers and prototypes spectacular, it all ended up with a few prototypes made, and no actual sale. The project was cancelled in 1993 due to lack of demand and the recession that affected half the world.


it Had a rear spoiler variable