Joest Racing wants to continue racing in LMP1


The output of Audi Sport’s WEC has a lot of nuances, both inside and outside the World of Resistance. With a department of competition smaller and focused on Formula E, the DTM, and different types of races-client, Dr. Wolfgang Ullrich is already working on to relocate some of the staff in another section of Audi. Even so, one of the great victims of this movement is to Joest Racing. The team led by Ralf Juttner has been a faithful partner of Audi to such an extent to support the official team of the brand from Ingolstadt with almost no repercussion in the media.

Although Juttner has worked for 32 years in the program prototype from the factory of Audi, is not willing to let die the project of his team in the WEC. In this way, all the efforts of Joest Racing are placed in to stay in the World of Resistance and not a way either, but in the premier class of the championship. In this aspect, Juttner has confirmed that the goal is to compete with an LMP1 non-hybrid and is even evaluating the option of doing so from [thea prototype based on the chassis of the R18 that was to be used in 2017.


Joest Racing has a total of 45 employees that could stay on the team full time confirmed this program with an LMP1 non-hybrid. You have the Audi R18, 2017, with internal code of ‘RP7’ and almost developed to the full before the abrupt departure of the brand, the computer you should remove the power unit, diesel associated with the hybrid system Audi and bet on a gasoline engine from a client, the image and likeness of what they have done in Rebellion Racing or ByKolles with the gasoline engine V6 Twin-Turbo AER.

all in all, Joest Racing with Ralf Juttner of the head not closed doors and is aware that a project of this depth would need a minimum attendance of Audi Sport, at least in its early stages, in addition to a budget that for the moment the computer does not have. From there, the training also is considering able to compete in the new platform DPI of IMSA, but the first option remains the WEC, any time that Joest Racing already knows what it is to compete for ‘free’ in the past, as it happened in 1997.