John Kennard, a whole life dedicated to the copilotaje


The accident suffered by Hayden Paddon in the last Rally of Argentina served to precipitate the decision that John Kennard had already hung the monkey. The veteran co-pilot, with certain back problems, gave the baton to Seb Marshall in the right-hand side seat of the Hyundai i20 WRC Coupe Paddon, going to occupy a position of ‘ouvreur’ pilot in new zealand in the bosom of Hyundai Motorsport. A withdrawal that you will have your exception in the program that shares with Paddon in New Zealand, but that in turn had its grand finale in the last Rally of Finland, where Hyundai Motorsport gave a great tribute.

however, the Rally of Finland has always been a special place for Kennard. The Rally of the 1000 Lakes played in 1985 was its first test in the WRC as co-driver Brent Rawstron. For this reason, Hyundai has given to John Kennard a replica of the Toyota Starlet that was used in this debut. All in all, the new zealander was not the co-pilot of a just man, and during the following seasons he sat down at the right hand of Stuart Weeber, Malcolm Stewart, Davies Simon, Chris Birkbeck and Nick Barrow in different cars and always with the 1.000 Lakes or the Rally of New Zealand as witnesses.

Between 1993 and 1994 joined their way to the japanese Hideaki Miyoshi. All in all, your second youth came in 2006 when he became a young man Hayden Paddon. Co-pilot and mentor of a Paddon full of illusion and lack of experience, was doing to grow the pilot to new zealand until in 2010 they landed with a full program in the Pirelli Star Driver. In 2011 he won with Paddon’s PWRC and after burning stages, took Hayden to the elite in the WRC after the signing of both of them Hyundai. During these four years, Paddon and Kennard have added their first victory in the WRC in the Rally of Argentina to 2016, most special moment for this huge airbag.