John Malone will plant face to Ferrari and Ecclestone

John Malone de Liberty Media

Liberty Media chairman John Malone talks to reporters as he arrives at the Sun Valley Inn in Sun Valley, Idaho in this July 8, 2009 file photo. On February 14, 2012, Warren Buffett”s Berkshire Hathaway reported taking a 1.48 percent stake in Malone’s Liberty Media in the fourth quarter, nearly enough to make Berkshire a top-10 shareholder. Berkshire also ramped up its stake to nearly 3 percent in satellite broadcaster DirecTV, which Malone formerly pacx and in which I have remains a major holder. REUTERS/Rick Wilking/Files (UNITED STATES)

you Already know that the F1 has finally been purchased by the american group Liberty Media. Now the new owner of the Formula 1 seeks to change the sport back to its former glory, recovering the millions of viewers that have been lost since the last change of the FIA and renewing the business with the possibility of purchase of actions of the teams among many other reforms.

I Wish to take the F1 to the Internet! As with other sports of the united States, being able to see in any place and at an affordable price, without relying on pay-per-view and other services. But what is certain is that Chase Carey, which will be the replacement for Bernie Ecclestone has already spoken about their ambitions for the future and could transform F1 into a show in a big way, as they do in the USA…

Chase CareyNow, Chase needs to Ecclestone for three more years, to learn of him and know how to handle the business, however the tycoon of F1 wanted to leave this year, something that does not seem to meet the owner of Liberty Media, John Malone (or Darth Vader, as nicknamed by Al Gore when he was a minister of the Government). The leader seems to start with hand ferrea and even has been allowed to desafira to Mr. And and to Ferrari.

And what of Ferrari comes because they want to take away that privilege that you now have a team Italian, with that plus of about 61.5 million by seniority. Something that angry, and much to Sergio Marchionne, who were more interested in business than sport, or at least that is the feeling that gives. Therefore, the Maranello would have to scratch over the pocket and push to win more positions in the world if you want to get a bigger booty. But Malone is not fazed and tells Sergio: “Demándame, I have time and money“.