Jolyon Palmer: “I have many things to learn”


Jolyon Palmer is very quiet. Although there are voices in the paddock to ensure that the position of the pilot of Renault F1 is not insured, the briton is confident of being able to debut in Formula 1 as an official driver. Up to now, Palmer has played in some free practice sessions and after living a 2015 in which was barely able to roll on the track, is anxious to be able to compete. Despite this, he considers the season as a test driver of the team Lotus F1 Team he has served for to see the races from the perspective of the engineers.

With 18 months minimum baggage to their backs, Jolyon Palmer says: “When they announced my signing in Austin, I didn’t give importance. Now that I have time without running, it starts to be noticed more. It will be exciting to do it again”. Even so, the british takes the side positive of your idle time: “despite having been (a year of racing, I’ve been involved in the strategy. It has been very useful, because I’ve I’ve even taken decisions. I have been able to see the races from the point of view that has an engineer. sometimes the drivers do not understand that occurs from the wall“.

In any case, Jolyon Palmer looks ready to be a Formula 1 driver, full-time: “When the lights go out in Melbourne find out of truth if I’m rusty. I hope not,”. Even so, the british took it in stride: I Still have many things to learn. I’ve never done a race with a Formula 1 or a long distance race. I will Spend many hours in the factory working with the simulator team. will Be weeks very intense and a lot of learning, because there is a noticeable difference between a Formula 1 and GP2″.