Jolyon Palmer: This year “you will see who has been in the gym and who is not”


as that is about the month of February and are beginning to reveal dates of presentations, the excitement begins to grow about the new single-seaters of Formula 1, in particular in two key aspects that will receive a substantial change this to 2017: its appearance, that within the meaning of regulations will make the cars look more aggressive, and your performance on the track.

The new regulations provide cars that detriment to the lap times of the current Formula 1 up in five seconds, although some forecasts less optimistic place this improvement is about three seconds. The effect of this improved performance in lap times in the race are still to be seen, depending on the progress of the teams with the consumption of gasoline and the performance of the new and wider tires from Pirelli.

On which will be his second season in the World, the british Jolyon Palmer has been made aware of the progress that Renault, his team, he has been doing with the car, and the first data that it has thrown in the test bench. Even though this information is subject to multiple changes and errors, Palmer is able to ensure that the new car “it is fast, clearly much more of what we have been riding. I Think that will be very exciting. I see feasible to suppose a difference”.

One of the aspects that some pilots veterans, in particular Fernando Alonso, have missed two generations of single-seaters with which it has competed since 2009 is the lower downforce that is generated. Even though this involves a challenge and greater commitment on several curves, it also implies a physical effort, much less for the pilot, which supports less G-forces in the curves, and you can get more whole at the end of the race.

Palmer considered that the final requirement of the cars will largely depend on what Pirelli can tolerate and spoiled, but makes it clear that the physical training necessary to meet the season is much more rigorous and tough than past years:

racing them will be a major challenge, also physically. but there will be some bends that it will be less because they will become to fund. we do Not know with certainty the performance of the next year; we know the numbers, but we don’t know what that will do to the tires. If that is what you believe, you will soon see who has been in the gym this winter and who is not. If you have not done so, they will discover”.

given the concern of some sectors that, with cars more aerodynamic, re racing with less overtaking as of the year 2000, Palmer has commented: “it Depends. May be able to go to the bottom of Eau Rouge following someone and having a consequence huge, or maybe the slipstream is greater than without DRS. Looking back, I think in 2007 and 2008, it is seen that cars that had a lot of aerodynamics were difficult to follow and had no DRS, and even so had. Some of the rebufos were huge, and by now we don’t have many, so it will be a double effect. Only we will know of a property in Melbourne”.