Jordi Arcarons, the man in the front of the Yamaha in the Dakar


The motorcycle category of the next Dakar has been drawn as
a duel of face-to-face between KTM and Honda, but what is certain is that the shade of
these two giants, there are high-level projects and with ingredients to fight
for the victory. Without a doubt, one of them is the official team Yamaha,
training with four Yamaha WR450F Rally to try to give the
surprise against the strongest teams in the category. A formation with pilots of tronío and which is headed by the former Spanish rider Jordi Arcarons and by the frenchman Joseph Leroir

Jordi Arcarons is the dose of experience that you need
to give a step forward and to be able to be at the height of Honda and KTM. Not
however, the former Spanish rider has competed in the Dakar on 16 occasions,
finishing second in the motorcycle category in the editions of 1994, 1995,
1996 and 2001. a lifetime in the raid of the world’s toughest that allows Arcarons
to know that they need the four riders of the Yamaha and the keys that should continue
the team to develop the four Yamaha WR450F Rally that will be used by the
next month of January and that have been submitted this week.


On these four WR450F Rally and with the colors official
Yamaha will compete Hélder Rodrigues, Adrien Van Bevere, Alessandro Botturi and
Rodney Faggotter
. In this aspect, without a doubt, the leader of the formation of the
signature of the fingerboards is Helder Rodrigues, the Portuguese faces
his eleventh participation in the test with the aim of improving the
third place garnered in 2011 and 2012. Rodrigues already demonstrated that the Yamaha
is ready to fight for everything
with the fifth-place harvested 2016 and the Portuguese
he is convinced that this year we have taken several steps forward.

For his part, Adrien Van Beveren is facing his second Dakar
after finishing in a remarkable sixth position in 2016. The French pilot says
to be better prepared than in his debut in the test and hopes for it to be able to give
a step forward, remains the key to avoid errors and take game moments
favorable. Finally, the third advantage of the Yamaha is Alessandro Botturi, all
while the Italian faces his sixth Dakar freed from any task
‘backpacking’, task assistance that falls on the shoulders of the australian Rodney Faggotter,
pilot who joined the formation led by Jordi Arcarons in the past month