Jos Claes: “Dallara search competition in LMP2”


Dallara has drawn an ambitious project in prototyping two-year. For the moment, the company has managed to become one of the four manufacturers of chassis chosen to develop the new generation of LMP2, while it is expected that in 2018, put on track a LMP1 private thanks to its association SMP Racing and ART Grand Prix. Two ambitious projects that serve to the need to find real competition in the WEC, every time that Dallara has little rivals of weight in Formula 3 and competes in a formula-brand of chassis in the other two weight categories such as GP3 and GP2.

has admitted Jos Claes, Project and Engineering Manager of the Italian manufacturer, in a recent interview with Endurance-Info’. In the same, Claes explained: There is a big reason in these projects, Dallara search competition in LMP2. We produce many cars in terms of monopoly, GP3, World Series, GP2, Formula Indy or Formula E. Even in F3, where there should be competition, we are practically alone. In reality Dallara has no competitors. We are in Formula 1 with Haas F1 and GT with the Lamborghini GT3. in The end these two programs do not export the name Dallara“.


In this line, Claes added: For this reason, we request the license to create a LMP2. Oreca and Ligier seemed to be fixed, Riley was chosen as the american manufacturer and we were lucky enough to be the rooms chosen. The opportunity to earn money with a LMP2 is not safe, at all. In fact, the sale price is very narrow, although our group calculated the risk and thought that with the tools that we have we can do well, as we already have a large wind tunnel. I Repeat, our first motivation is to find a real competition“.

For the moment, Dallara hasn’t even given a name to its LMP2 and still have to pass the crash test end of the FIA, but the reality is that it already starts to amass a roster of clients very interesting: Wayne Taylor Racing and Action Express Racing have tested the chassis Dallara from two months ago, and both will have a chassis by Dallara, the same as the Cadillac DPi. In Europe Racing Team Nederland did the first test with your engine Gibson, but the Scuderia Villorba Corse has also bought our LMP2. In total we have already sold eight chassis, but will be the teams to announce their purchase. I Hope to see four, five or six LMP2 Dallara Le Mans“.