Jos Verstappen: “Max has shown that is a real pilot”


Has been the shadow of the young phenomenon throughout his short career. His reputation, as an ex-pilot of Formula 1 for Benetton, Simtek, Footwork, Tyrrell, Stewart, Arrows and Minardi in front of it. Jos Verstappen was a huge promise of motorsport that perhaps he received his great opportunity too soon, and whose career never went back to his decepconante step in Benetton.

Now seeks to prevent his own stem from his mistakes, something complex when your child is 18 years old, is called Max Verstappen, and has won a Grand Prize at an age to which no other pilot has been upped to a F1. The father of the creature, speaking to Motorsport, commented on the dedication and time you have invested in your child learn effectively:

“I Spent hours and hours with him in his education when he was a child. Every maneuver that has made, or every error that has been committed, commented after. Not shouting, if not talking and explaining. That’s why I think that it is so fast for his age. I think it is better than I was, of course, I know from long ago”.

there are Not a few dimes and bickering that point to Jos Verstappen as the brain that has led to the rapid rise of Max, since he signed with the Red Bull Junior Team guaranteeing a seat from F1 before the interest of Mercedes, up the ascent to the “first team” after only four races, to the detriment of Daniil Kvyat. Josh reiterates that the situation is the result of having taken advantage of the right opportunity.

“I Know my mistakes, and my strengths and weaknesses. You also need some luck to get to the top, you have to be in the right place and at the right time, and luckily what we have done. But also, from the first moment he climbed into a race car, I was very… all over the world watching him. In Barcelona hizo an extraordinary job; the manner in which he was piloting, the way they handled things, and himself. Keeps calm when need to be calm, cool, and is something special“.

“life is a risk. In the end, we all know the quality of Max. I think that Red Bull also knows him, analyzed it very well. For me, it was clear that we had to be here, and it has been shown. I think that age, as we have said all, is not a problem. Max has shown that is a real pilot, and I think that this is the most important“.

with Regard to the immediate future, Josh believes that his son is in a point and situation of your career in which you can start managing your destination by itself, although trusts continue to be a guide and voice of experience for the pilot of Red Bull.

I was Already pretty much on your own in Barcelona. And I think that you are ready for it. When you have been able to do a race like in Spain, I think that is fairly prepared. But, for my part, do my job has finished? I don’t think so. Attempt to take you and advise you to go in the right direction, to be with the right people at the right time, and I think we have done pretty well until now”.