Jost Capito: new and controversial general director of McLaren Racing

Jost Capito con equipación de VW

Jost Capito

Jost Capito has been officially announced by McLaren as the new ceo of McLaren Racing, because until the time was occupied by Jonathan Neale. Capito will replace Nenale as CEO of McLaren Racing and the latter will be the new director of operations, McLaren Technology Group. While Ron Dennis and Eric Boullier maintain their current positions, so Ron Dennis will be at the top of Neale and Capito, while Capito will work elbow with elbow with Boullier.

Jost Capito seems to have come to McLaren recommended by Boullier. As you know, Capito is the former director of the sports division of Volskwagen, with a great passion for the motor world, and with a trajectory quite enviable, having worked on BMW, Porsche, Ford, Sauber and VW. So McLaren underpins their division of competition and sure that it will work excellent along with Eric, as it has been well said Ron Dennis, in order to boost the team.

Jonathan Neale

Jonathan Neale

I have nothing against Jost Capito, but those who follow the WRC will know by what I say “controversial”, since when Capito speaks without hairs in the language, often generate controversy. Yes, his passion is total, celebrating the victories of your team in unique ways and allowing the soul to succeed. But if it works well, what of controversial passes to a second plane, and I hope that McLaren-Honda to do better this year in all senses.

Ron Dennis has wanted to welcome Jost: “therefore, I am delighted to welcome Jost to McLaren, and I am sure that it will work very well with Eric and all the team McLaren Racing, taking advantage of the good work they have done for carrying forward the program of McLaren-Honda to achieve victories in Great Awards and successes in the World“. Amen Mr. Dennis.