Jost Capito wants to leave the WRC with the 'shootout' approved


With Volkswagen Motorsport looking for a new Director, the days of Jost Capito in the WRC are coming to an end after his signing by the team McLaren-Honda Formula 1. However, the pattern of Volkswagen is stepping up its presence in the World of Rallies with the firm purpose of giving a roll-over for the championship. Jost Capito remains committed to getting the approval of the ‘shootout’, this peculiar format that would increase the excitement of each rally to decide the top ten positions of points in matchups of two pilots. A proposal that according to Capito would lead to the WRC to have a television audience much more.

The ‘shootout’ is a measure that has been discussed in the last two seasons and that roughly proposed that the differences are forged during the first two stages of each rally is compacted, leaving a final fight that much more exciting. Every 10 seconds of actual distance achieved during the stages of the Friday and the Saturday were to become a second of difference in this ‘shootout’ Sunday. In other words, the great distances which until now prevent to fight for the positions in the top ten would be turned in just seconds, by growing the excitement in the Power Stage.

Jost Capito has been the great instigator of the ‘shootout’ and yet, the response has always been negative in spite of considering that the order of output provided it’s less ‘sporty’ to the interests of the fastest rider. In any case, the fans and even the FIA have opposed this measure, a situation that has not changed in recent days despite the efforts of Capito. Jean Todt as President of the FIA considers this format to something artificial and something that would take away the events of the WRC of the essence of the rallies. Recently, Jarmo Mahonen has opposed radically to the ‘shootout’.