Jost Capito will begin her work at McLaren at the Belgian GP

Jost Capito con equipación de VWAlready informed you of the peculiar and great signing that had made McLaren a few months ago. But for his current contract with Volkswagen has not been able to incorporate before McLaren. However, it now appears that Jost Capito finally will land on the team of Woking from the GP of Belgium. Capito will put a little order in the team to make progress in its journey through the Fórmuala 1.

If you have followed the other category where he works Capito, you will be accustomed to your way of being so peculiar and her style statements. This can bring a new air to the team of F1 McLaren-Honda and, hopefully, helps them to progress more quickly and that the successes by Capito as the head of motorsports for Volkswagen. Now it will be the new CEO of the team McLaren Racing (substitute Jonathan Neale that passes to another role), and will work closely with Eric Boullier, taking over from Ron Dennis.

Alonso empuja su McLaren-HondaCapito has a great passion for the motor world, and has been working for BMW, Porsche, Ford, Sauber and VW. Now in McLaren expected to do the same or better well that up to the moment. But his arrival in Woking is doing to wait despite the fact that his contract was made already months ago, Jost had to settle their affairs and now after the Rally of Germany will be incorporated to his new journey in the F1 in the GP of Belgium according to the reports of the sources of Autosport to those that the character has spoken.

Eye, that no one believes that Capito will be a new technician that will directly influence the design of the car, not. But yes that will manage the team to take new directions that lead them to a more prosperous future. The captain of the boat that will try to lead to McLaren to renew your old glory along with Honda. The will take important decisions within the team and, although not directly, it will influence the performance in the future.