Jost Capito will come to McLaren in August


Jost Capito was
announced as a new member of McLaren-Honda in the last month of
January, but has yet to be incorporated into your new team and
commanding the division’s sporty Volkswagen
, with the Championship
in the World of Rallies as the main occupation.

Now, as
collect, Capito confirms that he will leave the German brand
after the rally the house
, in order to join McLaren-time
for the Grand Prix of Belgium. “The work at Volkswagen is 24/7
(24 hours a day, seven days a week). It is not just WRC, rallycross
in the united States, TCR, and everything else. While you are there (in
Volkswagen), I will do a good job”
, making it very clear that it has not been
raised even combine both activities for a period of time and
his main plan was to leave everything ready for the transition
his successor in the Volkswagen.

His role at McLaren, yet to be decided

Capito acknowledges that
still don’t know how it fits into the organizational structure of McLaren, and follows
focused 100% on your current brand.

“The competition
in the WRC (World rally) will be greater with Citroën focusing
completely in the next year, so that have advantage in the
development. The same for Toyota, which has no restriction of test.
It is a hard job for us to keep up in the competition
beyond 2016”
. recognizes Capito, who has yet to leave the
things well in hand before undertaking the challenge of McLaren.

For the team
Woking, the aim will be to adapt the chart and give
Capito all the tools possible to assess the situation
and develop a plan of action to face-to-2017, at which time the
team expects to make the final leap to the top positions. If
well the car takes months to design, the structure
organizational design and development can be adjusted in time for
to perform at 100% in 2017
, the year in which the regulation requires to
all the teams from scratch.