Jota SVR: the Lamborghini Miura the definitive is for sale in Japan

The Lamborghini Miura is considered the father of the supercars modern. It was the first in a new scheme of central engine V12 and rear-wheel drive, a configuration is considered the Holy Grail of the supercar with high performance. In addition to the Miura conventional, Lamborghini built a Miura named Jack. A Miura single, with a single engine experimental and very lightweight. The only Jota was destroyed in an accident, but Lamborghini has built six more units, making Miura conventional machines even more special.

The Miura final

The company model-auto art did a scale model of this unique specimen in the world.

These specimens were baptized as SV/J or SV/Jack, as you look at it. Only two units equipped the same evolution of the engine of the Jota original. These two individuals took as a basis the V12 the Miura – a twelve-cylinder 4.0-liter – to install a system of dry sump lubrication, as well as internal components forged and a start to a radical point. The result was a machine capable of developing 440 HP at 8.800 rpm, almost 100 HP more than the Miura original. The car of your screens brings such a pump under the hood.

Began its life as a Miura in 1968, and Herbert Hahne – importer of Lamborghini in Germany – ordered the conversion, which was completed by Lamborghini in 1975. In addition to the engine Jack, Herbert Hahne ordered the installation of a radical body kit called the SVR. The car was widened and fitted with an aerodynamic kit spectacular. Look in the spoiler mounted on the roof or the front spoiler. Not to mention the huge rims BBS, with Pirelli tyres of more than 300 mm section in the rear axle.

Was Herbert Hahne who ordered the installation of the spoilers and a body kit that resembled the Jota original, an idea that has not finished forging in the community of purists of Lamborghini. The German also installed Recaro seats – and a sound system Blaupunkt – in a synthetic coated leather in cream color. The importer just was an owner of the Miura during a year, as it was bought for a huge sum of money by a collector in Japan, where the car since 1976.

The price is not listed in the ad, released by the car dealer exotic Bingo Motorsports. Some believe that this Miura is a sacrilege, and others think that it is the Miura definitive. We bow a bit more for the second option.

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