Juncadella: “The DTM has earned me to learn a lot”


Dani Juncadella has closed a new stage in your
. After winning the European F3 in 2012 and compete for four years
as an official driver for Mercedes in the DTM, the Spanish rider will not continue in
the German Championship of passenger Cars. The reduction from eight to six
by brand name has harmed their options and the arrival of Edo Mortara, or the
return of Maro Engel to the bosom of the team Mercedes will also have a private
power play-his fifth year in the competition. All in all, Juncadella is left with
the learning added to these years
and with the podium, which are not joined by a
disqualification, in Hungary.

In this aspect, Juncadella has it clear: The DTM has helped me to learn a lot more. When I got there I
he hoped that was a championship so complicated. I have suffered a lot, but they are
years that have helped me to grow as a rider and to improve. When not
win, not lose, but you learn. You must analyze the experience and use it
for the future,”
. The spaniard also believes that: Is a championship
that I would call the ‘F1 car’
, because the fight is brutal, with three
German brands that want to win the championship with his eight pilots. That creates a lot of interest”.

by way of balance, the Catalan recognizes that your time more
especially in the DTM was his podium in the layout of Hungaroring
, a podium that without
however, he was caught by an irregularity technique: “I will stay with the
podium of Hungary, that podium fake. In the end I spent two and a half years
suffering. This last year has been much quieter for me. it Was change of
chassis and suddenly the results started to come
Until then, there was something that was wrong, because surprising that after these
changes came the first podium in such a long time. In the end I’ll stick with that, with
a good memory”.


All in all, Dani Juncadella already looking to the future: attracts Me
the Formula E
. It is a championship that has won many points in the last few years.
When he was born I was the first who criticized him, because there seemed to be to
to have a future. What attracts me and I like is that the brands are
and the drivers that run there, they tell me that they are going
very well. This shows that it is a championship that is gaining a lot of popularity.
why keep tied to Mercedes, it is interesting to me. If it had just come out ahead
this project, the better”.

In this aspect, 2017 could be a year of transition: “Yes,
it will surely be as well. Always going to be a year of transition to having been a
no place in the DTM
in the month of January. What I face with eager, starting
from zero”.
Even so, Juncadella has his intentions clear: “If you ran a championship as the GP2 or the
World Series, then yes I would think the Formula 1. It is something that will not
I close the door, but running in GT wouldn’t think of the Formula 1, because they are things
completely different and at the end are almost different sports”.