K City, the south Korean city of tests with autonomous vehicles

K City Korea Coche Autónomo

With Tesla as the main exponent in artificial intelligence technology applied to cars, the autonomous vehicles are a thing of the present. Each time you upload a video to Youtube that shows a car with this technology by avoiding an accident, it reaffirms even more the use of this innovation, and that is, the confidence in the features included in the cars of the not too distant future, is a very important factor, and but tell that to Google.

now Is the time, in South Korea, is building a city entirely dedicated to testing for this technology driving autonomous. Call K-City, is a city built on an extension of 35 hectares that will be used by technology companies in south Korean, such as Samsung, SK Telecom, and Naver, in addition to Hyundai and Kia.

Kia Soul Autónomo

says the Ministry of land, Infrastructure and Transport of South Korea, K-City will be formed by highways, areas for parking, autonomous, and exclusive bus lanes to recreate the perfection of a real city. The work to build the city to be completed in 2018 and will cost the government, south Korean 9 million euros.

last week, Samsung received permission from the South Korean government to test autonomous cars on public roads, and that is, South Korea is focusing all its efforts on becoming the leader within the sector of the driving autonomous. Even so, this is neither the first nor probably the last in the list of cities that are “false” are created solely to test autonomous cars in real-life situations, without endangering anyone.

In November 2016, the department of Transportation the united States began the construction of 135 hectares in southeast Michigan designed to facilities for testing, verifications and certifications of autonomous vehicles. When you open your doors, it will be the “city” for the testing of autonomous vehicles largest in the world.