Kaege Evergreen, or the perfect mix between a Porsche 911 classic and the last of the air-cooled

Not only Singer lives the man. Or at least that is what the professionals Kaege we want to convey. This workshop is specialized in Porsche, and his latest work is called Evergreen. This is a beautiful Porsche 911 that has undergone a complete technical transformation, while retaining its timeless elegance. It is a restomod of a book, a full-body building that part of the basis of the last aircooled, Porsche 911 993. It is, in short, the car that every petrolhead would want to have in your garage. Do not say no.

Yes, the car starting is a Porsche 911 Carrera generation 993, but has been transformed with a 911 from the year 1972 in mind.

Say goodbye to the bodywork of the Porsche 993 and the appearance of the neo-classical. The Kaege Evergreen is based on the 993, but aesthetically has been modeled with a 911 from the year 1972 in mind. Your body is now carbon fiber, components with counterbored at its rear end. Thanks to the use of these lightweight materials, it achieves a high rigidity and the weight of the car was reduced: now weighs only 1.195 kg. It has also received some beautiful wheels type Fuchs 17 inches, and a generous dose of chrome elements.


Mechanically there are no changes of importance with regard to the Porsche 993. Uses the boxer engine of 3.6 liters of the Porsche 911 Carrera, which at one time developed 272 BHP of power. Thanks to tweaks in the electronics, a new intake line and the exhaust with less restriction, your power is increased up to 296 HP. There is a great increase of power, but it must not be forgotten that it is accompanied by a weight to be very low. do you Had mentioned that your battery is now lithium? Any fringe loose on this restomod.

In terms of running gear, tires of high performance, coilovers discounted and high-performance brakes bring a dash of spice to this Porsche, the maintenance of which can still be carried out at any Porsche. In the interior of this Evergreen, there are quite a few changes. Take a look at the instrumentation, retro manufactured by Kaege. The front seats are now bacquéts cloth – with a trim of boxes delicious – from any Porsche modern not specified.

porsche-911-kaege-evergreen-33Alcantara and carpet of a green colour elegant lining throughout the interior, where we find the details of quality: a knob of brown leather for the gear lever or the possibility of installing a radio Becker Mexico the style of the old Porsche 911. It is a transformation less radical than that suffered by the Singer – also based on the 993 – but no less interesting. And good insurance will be more affordable than those of the americans, authentic works of art with four wheels and a price that is commensurate to your status.

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