Kaltenborn: “2017 will not be a year of transition in Sauber”


Sauber went through the first half of 2016 dramatic for the economic problems, which even caused the C35 just received updates during the first grand prix of the season. All in all, the arrival of new investors the team in July has served as the impetus for a formation of face-to-2017 does not conform with strengthen all areas, but expected to take a step forward to return to the middle of the grill. So the least expected Monisha Kaltenborn, as has been made plain in their statements to ‘Autosport’. The Head of the team Sauber surrender of the 2017 transition.

despite the fronts that has the team, Monisha Kaltenborn expects no more than a remarkable progress in the next year: 2017 will not be a year of transition in Sauber. We have a goal and we are prepared for the next few years. What we want to achieve this next season, we will make it. The purpose is clearly to take a great step forward, to be back in the middle of the grill and compete from there. In fact, the next year will be a year very crucial. We are not satisfied with saying that it is a period of transition and that we have already had enough. Now is the time to continue”.

To achieve this step forward, Sauber must
to counter the use of the Ferrari engine of 2016, with the efforts of the new technical staff hired, and with the financial injection that you get by
of the new sponsors, a budget that Monisha considered feasible:
there Has to be more sponsorship and there will be because there are more people
really is interested
. They are seeing that there is a change here and this
change allows you to that we are attracting people and who want to be part of the
team. We are in a very positive atmosphere and very good and this shall be patent
with the different types of agreements”.