Kamaz test your 'new' truck for the Dakar 2017


Kamaz is the brand of reference of the Dakar in the category of
, at least for the last 20 years. From his first victory in
1996, the signature Russian has gotten a total of 13 victories, adding up to six in the
eight editions held in South america. However, Kamaz made a mistake in
the last Dakar
and did not know how to react to the policy change that affected the
tour of the suspensions of the ‘elephants in the desert’. The result was
a debut frustrated of the new truck
, an adaptation in extremis of the truck
specification antigua and a lack of performance that was evident with
the victory of Gerard de Rooy and Iveco.

Kamaz is not willing to fall back into the same error and by
the firm has already started the test for the next Dakar, and among the
trucks evaluated again to be the prototype that in theory was going to make her debut in
2016. In this way, together, to the trucks used in the past Dakar,
has also been tested the Kamaz cab long and that illustrates this article.
This truck with the nose and cockpit moved with respect to the front axle allows
a better weight distribution and greater stability. For its design, Kamaz has
based on the cabin of the Mercedes Zetros

Kamaz has drawn an ambitious program to test with this
new truck
with the aim of being able to make him debut in the Silk Way Rally, a
proof that a little less that is a question of state couple to the mark.
first the weight of the test and this premiere competitive falls on Eduard
, always and when these tests determined that the new truck is
faster and efficient than the trucks of snout smooth. The big question is whether
Kamaz will show its muscle competitive and will be able to overcome the
performance of Iveco, trucks very evolved about this philosophy of cabin
with morro.