Kangoo, Trafic and Master “Formula Edition”: The commercial of Renault win special series

With a new color scheme, this special series for the commercial Renault celebrated the partnership of Renault Pro+ and Renault Sport Formula 1.

Lrange commercial vehicles and Renault launches a special series called “Formula Edition”, which adds some touches foreign inspired by the Formula 1. This new level of completion includes versions of the Kangoo, Kangoo Maxi, Trafic and Master.

Outwardly “Formula Edition” are recognized for their color scheme specific, which combines the body in black or grey, in combination with some details in yellow.

in Addition to adding a new grille design specific, as well as a few new trim for the fog lamps and even the logos of Renault, which used the same color scheme yellow and black. alloy wheels up to 17 inches are of specific design and are painted in black color with its center in yellow.

The interior has also been revised and includes pads specific design that embrace the color yellow, chrome package interior, leather covered steering wheel, etc., The endowment includes air conditioning, multifunction steering wheel, cruise control, sound system with Bluetooth and USB, etc,

The offer of engines for the Kangoo, Trafic and Master “Formula Edition” includes several options diesel on the basis of the engine dCi that according to the model is offered with power ratings of 90, 110, 120, 125, 130, 145 and 170 HP. The transmission is six-speed manual, though the automatic change is available in the Kangoo and Kangoo Maxi.

The range of commercial vehicles and Renault added to this version that adds a sporty touch, of course, without the showiness of that Renault Espace F1 in 1995 that developed 800 HP, but with enough character to make the daily work more fun.