Karma Revero, or how the Fisker Karma will soon return to production


The conversion of the former Fisker begins to bear its first fruits, and Karma Automotive will present its first “new” model -note the quotation marks – the 8th of September in California. This is the first advancement of the Karma Revero, which surely will remind you of the well-known Fisker Karma of the previous period of the company.

In essence, Karma Revero will be a Fisker Karma improved and adapted to the year 2016, with a greater autonomy in electric mode of ‘zero emissions’. Keeping the overall design of the model and its base as one of the precursors between the electric extended-range, your name just makes reference to its past, and that the word ‘Revero‘ means, in Latin, ‘Return‘: this will be your name final.

solar roof with photovoltaic cells is still present, already become a sign of identity of the brand, and will be able to supply a larger electric power to the vehicle. Aesthetically there are not too many changes, but we already know that there will be a new multimedia system in your car, which will be very simple and intuitive, and a new fast charging technology for their electric batteries.

The new Karma Automotive -now owned by the chinese Wanxiang Group – also will seek to offer a certain amount of exclusivity with the Revero, and will include details very representative made the traditional way: for example, the logos of the vehicle are painted entirely by hand. The Karma Revero will be produced at the new factory of the brand in Moreno Valley (California, USA), and the first bookings may be made after its presentation in September.