Karma Revero: the american press recommends any other car after you test it


The resurrected Fisker Karma, now baptized Karma Revero.

After passing about 4 years out of the market, three of which being an object of the development of that is a great update, the Fisker Karma has returned to the market, although with a new identity, now that is called Karma Revero, although to the naked eye it seems not to have changed too much.

After the economic meltdown of Fisker Automotive -launched commercially, the Karma in 2011 and fell into bankruptcy in 2012 – the chinese group Wanxiang Group was made the assets of Fisker in a lengthy legal process, only to re-launch the Karma project, which ended up taking the name of the company, with executives from Tesla and Cadillac in the front of the same, supposedly with carte blanche to act. Now, 3 years later, the Karma Revero is already in the street, and the result seems to have been much worse than expected.

In theory, the Revero should have arrived soon to the market was once in the hands of Wanxiang Group, however, once implemented the project had to be delayed considerably. According to the statements of the company at that time because they had to redesign quite a bit more than they thought in the beginning to ensure that the model was acceptable. Apparently, have not.


The new Karma seems to be a complete disaster.

After being presented recently, we were able to check as at least at the level outside, the model had not changed anything since their initial introduction at the beginning of the decade, and in terms of its specifications, despite the time elapsed and the tremendous technological advances of recent years, in terms of performance either. The only palpable change has been the colour chart, now with new options chromatic.

The first test made by the american press -and probably the only one that gets to try it – have not been too good, in the best of cases have been described with a succinct “it worked”, which we can translate as “it worked”, in the most literal sense of the word. But a recent article from Bloomberg signed by Hannah Elliott has been quite critical of the supposedly new model (so to speak in a soft way), highlighting the enormous faults which presents the Revero.

do Not purchase a Karma Revero, in its place buy a Tesla. Or any other thing. Hannah Elliott Bloomberg.


The Revero has not managed to satisfy no one.

The title perfectly describes the content of the article: “do Not purchase a Karma Revero, in its place buy a Tesla. Or any other thing”. After a week with the Revero, the best thing that Elliott came to say is that only from some angles it looked almost pretty. The only points in favor of the model were that it had an electric powertrain and that he had the appearance of being expensive, without more, but not more beautiful than other similar models or more economical.

The main problems seem to have been their high weight, 2.450 kg are officially declared (heavier than a Ford F-150 pick-up) that will influence seriously the time to pick up or move around, in addition to their mechanical performance, only 80 kms of electrical autonomy thanks to their batteries of 21 kWh, a consumption of 11.76 litres/100 kms once is put into operation the 4-cylinder 2.0-liter that makes of generator when batteries become depleted and a capacity of maximum acceleration quite discreet, 5.4 seconds to complete the 0-96 km/h.

All of them figures significantly lower with respect not only to the models rivals, but other models are considerably cheaper. As pointed out by Elliott, any Tesla Model S is faster and has much more electric range, and even the Chevrolet Volt features a gasoline consumption much lower. Compared with luxury models of their price range, $ 130,000 of base price, the Revero is less prestacional and more expensive.


The Revero seems to follow the Karma and will have short life.

In regard to your sensations of driving, the description of the article from Bloomberg is quite hard: “is like chewing sand”. The high weight of the model, according to the own words of Elliott, made him come to believe that he was pulling off with the handbrake on. Other means that have been able to taste since the Revero, such as Motor Trend, have been much more benevolent to the model, but certainly, their numbers on paper, but could appear to be even good at the beginning of this decade, today are completely out of context.

After several years of development, the update does not bring really anything new to performance level with respect to the original model and on an aesthetic level, even taking into account that it is a subjective criterion, it is still a model that came to market six years ago and that have continued to be marketed would have already suffered a more than logical facelift aesthetic.