Karma Revero: the Fisker Karma is reborn from its ashes, and presents many new features

Karma Revero

So it looks like the new Karma Revero, a model that preserves the distinctive design of the Fisker Karma.

Although there has been all along, finally the project of resurrecting the extinct company Fisker Automotive, under another name, has been brought to fruition. Karma Automotive it is the heir to the company founded by Henrik Fisker and that, because of economic problems, was doomed to disappearance. However, thanks to the chinese company Wanxiang, all achieved with the development of the Fisker Karma was in water of borage. The new Karma Revero is already a reality.

As we announced at the beginning of the month of August that the new Karma Revero was just around the corner. And so it has been, the guys from Karma Automotive have introduced this new model that, albeit as a small start to point the Fisker Karma, introduces a large amount of new, some of them very interesting. And no, we’re not talking about its design, which is virtually identical.

Karma Revero can travel 80 km in electric mode

Taking a look at your exterior design, we see that the front remains virtually unchanged. The new Karma Revero continues with the characteristic front grille divided the Fisker Karma, the relevant chrome accents and a bumper dimensions are very similar with a few air intakes that have a diamond shape. Obviously, the new logo of Karma Automotive or the name “Revero” is present.

Karma Revero

despite its image almost identical, the new Karma Revero presents a lot of novelties.

Now, one of the main innovations that we will see at a glance is the new roof with solar panels that, depending on weather conditions, can provide up to a maximum of 2.5 miles of electric range per day. This is the first time that a solar roof is used to recharge the battery of a production car in place to be used as an alternative source of energy to recharge “gadgets”.

In regard to the interior, without a doubt, the main novelty that we will see is the arrival of a new system of information and entertainment with a high-definition touch screen that in the future you will receive an update to be compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. It will also feature 4G connectivity for access to various applications in real-time.

What is the (mechanical? The new Karma Revero is powered by a hybrid system consisting of an internal combustion engine of four-cylinder turbo source General Motors and two electric motors. The battery capacity has been increased up to 21.4 kWh and thanks to this, now has a autonomy in electric mode of 80 km.

Karma Revero - techo con paneles solares

The new roof with solar panels is one of the major developments that presents the Karma Revero.

As we say, the new Karma Revero is already on sale in the united States, its starting price is of$ 130,000 (115.280€), which translates into an increase of 27,000$ (23.940€) compared to the original price of the Fisker Karma. Will you have success? All will depend on whether the new technologies and new features added to this model are sufficient to capture the attention of the customer.

The new Karma Revero will be produced in the factory that Karma Automotive has in the locality of Moreno Valley, located in the State of California (USA). The reservation period is now open. The first deliveries of units will take place in the coming months.