Ken Block hastens his ‘Climbkhana’ that will go up Pikes Peak

Ken Block ClimbkhanaAt this point very few people don’t know Ken Block. This popular american pilot who has become famous based on their viral scavenger hunts in which show your skills. The last, the Gymkhana Nine had a place in Buffalo (New York) aboard their Ford Focus RS RX. Although last week we surprised with the launch of the Hoonicorn V2, an improved version of the Ford Mustang of 1965 that was used in the Gymkhana 7.

it is Precisely this vehicle will be the protagonist of the latest craze in the Block, to which has been given with the name of ‘Climbkhana’. For the moment only has shown us a trailer, but he makes it clear that in summer of 2017 we will be able to see him doing something different. Away from the environments that we have already seen in their scavenger hunts and moves directly to Pikes Peak, one of the promotions most unique of the competition.

The Hoonicorn V2, wore V8 engine of 6.7 liters, but now, thanks to two turbos-Garrett gets a spectacular power. Gone are the 845 HP of its predecessor, as it now develops nothing less than to 1,400 HP. Will be required to deal with almost 20 kilometres of the climb and more than 150 curves that make up Pikes Peak. In addition to the end to 4,300 meters of altitude makes vehicles lose some of their power.

The short video leaves us wanting to see more, too bad that there’s that wait about eight months for its launch. In he Block attacks the prominent curves of the rise totally and leaving huge clouds of smoke coming from your tires Toyo Proxes R888R. For your off also installs some obstacles in the journey to continue ‘doing donuts’ even when it is not necessary.

Source – Toyo Tires