Kessel Racing confirms several drivers for the Blancpain GT


Well it is true that no battle for the title outright, but to
spite of this, Kessel Racing is one of the most important structures of the
Blancpain GT Series
and this was evident throughout 2016. However, the
training got the title of the Pro-Am Cup in the Sprint Cup, and in the
Endurance Cup
, which led the team to achieve the title of all in this
class. In the same way, the structure he also scored the title of the Am Cup
in the contest of endurance championship with the Ferrari 488 GT3 #888.

Face-to-2017 the team will keep your program in the
Blancpain GT Series and it is for this reason that Kessel Racing has announced its renewed
payroll of pilots
. A ‘line up’ in which there are some new faces and names
still to be confirmed. Be that as it may, the first Ferrari 488 GT3 will be intended for Carlo Van Dam and Piti Bhirombhakdi, the result of the association
with TP12 Shinga Motorsport. This Ferrari will compete in the Sprint Cup, though
it is expected that another unit of the 488 GT3 will also compete in the appointments to the
, in this case with the corporate colors of Kessel Racing.

This same Ferrari 488 GT3 will also compete in the Endurance
, as in 2016. Michel Broniszweski made a nexus and it was the only
pilot, in which he played the ten appointments of Blancpain, which helped him to
to get the title all of the Pro-Am Cup, in addition to a win in the Endurance
Cup with Ale Bonacini and Andrea Rizzoli, and in the Sprint Cup with Giacomo Piccini.
It remains to be seen if any of the four pilots repeated, but for the moment, the Ferrari
488 GT3 #888 repeat in the Am Cup with Marco Zanuttini
. The champion will have two
new companions with the arrival of Jacques Duyver and David Perel.