Kevin Magnussen continued his relationship with McLaren

Kevin Magnussen MCLarenKevin Magnussen, the current test pilot of the team McLaren, has been terminated from his position and thus released so that it can be signed by other team each to the next year. In 2016 you will have the opportunity to have a seat, most likely in the Lotus, as the only two positions that are still unconfirmed are the partner of Maldonado in the Lotus (Renault) and the mate Grosjean Haas F1 (that’s very likely Gutierrez).

Button already dropped that would leave McLaren when he stated a few days ago was the best pilot they had in the market. In addition, as rumored, his work as a test pilot and the simulator has not been the desired. And this may be true given the little delicacy they have had in Woking to announce the end of his contract. Now Stoffel Vandoorne will be the one to replace it in their work on the team McLaren-Honda for next season and the remainder of this.

Ron Dennis

Ron Dennis

Kevin Magnussen has said about it “I Got an email on my birthday saying that there would be no future for me in the McLaren.“. However, Magnussen has had beautiful words to Martin Whitmarsh, who has made it clear that it helped him a lot, and the whole family that form the team McLaren, the team he joined their youth program and promises that enabled him to run the last season in F1.

Kevin explained as he was all: “When it happened the day that I had the McLaren to exercise your opinion, I was hoping to hear something from them. I did not hear anything for a few days and after a week, I saw an e-mail from the personal assistance of Ron Dennis, Justine Bowen, in my mail, and I already had the idea on what it might be. It was a short paragraph explaining that there would be nothing in the future for me at McLaren, In fact, I received it the day of my birthday.”.

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