Kevin Magnussen: “Hamilton is always in the middle”


so far, the crossing of Haas in the Formula 1 has passed by moments of remarkable brilliance within the activity of a new computer, but alternated quite frequently with problems of youth and the end of a week in which the performance of the car bailotea respect to the previous one. The Friday of the Hungaroring 2017, however, occupies a prominent place within the bad days for a team that was barely able to draw clear conclusions for qualifying tomorrow. But if there is someone to whom the day has been complicated, that is Kevin Magnussen.

in the morning, the pilot dane saw from the pit how to Antonio Giovinazzi, who disputed their second free practice session with the team, had crashed his car so showy against the protections of the curve 11, just when it had completed half-hour session. The Italian rider came out unscathed from the remains of the VF-17, but the car required a complex repair that limited the shooting of Magnussen in the afternoon only 11 laps. All in all, he managed the best team time in the session, by two-tenths.

Giovinazzi ensures that could not do anything to avoid the impact, once the control of the car fled from his hands: “The car seemed to be going well in the little time that I had in the session. I lost the back of fairly aggressive in the entry of the curve 11. I could not do anything, to be honest. We are checking what has happened. The time on track is important to me, and I lost 50 minutes of free, so I’m disappointed for myself, and also for Kevin”. Magnussen, for his part, he regretted that he had only been able to dispose of “a couple of laps at the end with a little gasoline”. His greatest discouragement, however, came an incident on the track with Lewis Hamilton, when the british disrupted one of the first quick laps of the Danish to be in a slow rotation.


According to, Magnussen, who admitted he did not speak with the driver of the Mercedes complained bitterly of the attitude of the three-time: “you don’t have anyone in front of you, and still decide to go extremely slow in the last sector when I’m doing a good lap. It is unnecessary. Is always in the middle, so that it is not something new. What could I do? Not pilot your car. Some pilots, they simply do not care. When he has a good lap in qualifying a day, I’m not going to be careful, and it would be the same. There is nothing illegal in what it does, is just a little disrespectful”.

Nor was it the best day in the office Romain Grosjean, whose 1:21.313, which left him in 16th place in the first free, it was the best time of the computer on all day. By the afternoon, the French focused their efforts on correcting the stability issues that plagued his car, without too much success: “We have had problems with the balance all day. We can consider this as one of our worst Friday since we started with Haas F1. We only have to collect information and try to understand which are the problems. Not yet finished, but we have not made life”.