Key: “The team has a great respect for Sainz”


Rosso has undergone important changes during the season
and, in this
time, it passes through a critical phase as a result of the void
evolution of Ferrari engine of 2015. When Max Verstappen is
he went to Red Bull, leading to the back of Daniil Kvyat at the team,
the methodology of work changed.

was the titanic struggle between Max Verstappen and Carlos Sainz to earn a
put in large equipment and, for Carlos, it all changed. The Spanish
was able to focus on performing the best job possible to overcome the
other riders
, instead of seeing Max as, practically, the only

“he Has matured a lot this year and has gained a lot of confidence in himself

as Well
what confirms James Key, Technical Director of the team, he praises the
change of mentality and the maturity shown by Sainz. “What
has done really well this year. Is a guy really good with the
that work, always has been.
people on the team have great respect for what he has done, though
has been on the radar for the reasons that we know (comparison
with Verstappen)
. But that reason has gone and this has allowed him to
maybe you get distracted less competing with his team-mate and
focus more on defeating other pilots”

Key sees this as a positive thing for Sainz that Verstappen was out of the
team because it has allowed him to focus 100% on yourself and your
evolution as a pilot. “Has been very focused recently, it has
matured a lot this year and has gained a lot of confidence in himself,
so his focus on race weekends is more
relaxed. It is
a bit like a guy who has been at this a long time in place of
a newbie that wants to prove things.
Much progress has been made”
says a James Key who has the great challenge of minimizing the
limitations of the engine with aerodynamic breakthroughs.

With Kvyat, it’s more relaxed and working in a team

Sainz, for her part, recognizes that, after the departure of Max Verstappen, the
computer has opened up more and now it is possible to work more in a team.
The rivalry stay between the two resulted, inevitably, that is
formed two sides -athletically speaking – within the team.
In addition, the excellent relationship we have always had Daniil Kvyat and Sainz,
helps everything flow more easily. “What
only that has changed is that I know Daniil much more
the previous categories. I know how it works, how it works, we
we know one another perfectly. With Max, was a companion of
new computer for me starting in 2015. Respect
to the dynamics of the team, perhaps everything is a little more open, all
the world started to work a little more together, may began to
work more in a team
. The
separation was there but it is normal when you have two companions
team strong”
Sainz told Autosport.


acknowledged that sharing box with Verstappen involved, so
inevitably, there was rivalry and some friction, as
a consequence of the strength of both pilots. “What
enjoyed. When
you have two team-mates solid, there is always friction
between both of them. It was not that I did not want it. We had to deal with it
but I saw it as a bad situation. I know that you can
to relate to it because in theory when it was, my results
began to arrive, but honestly, it has nothing to do with
that. If
Max had been on the team the last ten races, there would be no
changed much the results that I have achieved recently. I have not
past nothing, and I have demonstrated consistency
, says
Sainz defend as their own the causes of their evolution from the
Grand Prix of Spain.