Khalid Al-Qassimi made his debut on the Citroën C3 WRC 2017


The accounts wouldn’t go out. After the shakedown initial and the first test of the Citroen C3 WRC 2017 the south of France, the team galo made paths test sessions in Portugal and Finland. After the test in the fast sections scandinavian tagged by the formation as #TEST3, the debut of the Citroën C3 WRC on asphalt came from the hands of a visible #TEST5. Now the numbers fit because the ‘fourth’ test session has started this week. Khalid Al-Qassimi has been uploaded for the first time, the Citroën C3 WRC in a test carried out again in Portugal, and on gravel.

Khalid Al-Qassimi announced through the social networks after the end of the Rally of Finland that would travel directly to their first test with the car of 2017. A situation that has led to the pilot Arabic debut with the Citroën C3 WRC on the dirt roads around the town of Montim, a small village situated in a triangle formed by Braga, Porto and Vila Real, close to the city of Guimaraes. A region well-known in the world of the rallies since not far off is the carísmático stretch of ‘Fafe’, soul of the Rally of Portugal.

Since the test lasts several days, it is expected that after
the first few miles of Khalid Al-Qassimi with the World Rally Car next
year Kris Meeke to give the relay to the pilot Arabic. However, the pilot
northern ireland has not missed any of the test concluded by Citroën Racing and
is the great developer of the new vehicle. A bet that, little by little
based on results sporting success as demonstrated by the victories
harvested by Meeke in the rally of Portugal, and Finland
last two tests he has played in the WRC.