KIA at SEMA 2016: Tracks, neon, music, luxury and driving autonomous

The SEMA Show 2016 is one of the most important events for the preparers of cars, so much that even brands are involved with bringing their own prototypes. KIA Motors has given the note this year with four concepts that offer us a different point of view to cope with the day-to-day, however, there is something that unites them all: their technology autonomous.

KIA Sorento Ski Gondola


we Started with which is for me the most shocking of the four. As its name already gives us an insight, it is a vehicle for us ski beyond where we want to. Your wheels have been replaced by caterpillars Dominator for circular above the white mantle without get stuck, we will not have problems of traction to not be too bad with this toy. On the roof you will have installed special bar for the transport of skis and boards, ideal for lovers of skiing and snowboarding.

Its exterior design receives a distinctive touch thanks to the painting and to the transformation of their doors. No handles are visible, the new doors are opening suicide that when opened reveal a spacious interior with no B-pillar and with the front seats rotated 180 ° to position itself faced to the rear. Something like a chair lift. By the way this KIA Sorento is a autonomous vehicle so that you do not need to drive ourselves what we can do from a tablet, hence the driver’s seat look makes behind.

KIA SOUL First Class


The following concept suggests to us a KIA SOUL modified for travel in first class, as dictated by its name. The interior of this striking vehicle has been completely transformed into a space luxurious and comfortable. The front seats are rearward facing as in the Sorento Ski Gondola, however in front of them has installed a screen of 40 inches for us to enjoy our trip the most comfortable as possible to the couple that entertained.

Upholstered completely in white leather, padded in some panels, the interior has undergone a serious increase of the luxury of their materials. El driving position has also been eliminated since the vehicle is autonomous and only leads to a lack of interior space without the need. The endowment of this prototype also includes a Mac connected to the TV, two tablets integrdas in the centre tunnel and a stereo high-fidelity. From the outside it has LED lighting, eye-catching paint and wheels 19 inch.

KIA Niro Triathlon


The asian manufacturer makes a clear nod to the fans of this sport with your new SUV hybrid KIA Niro. The Niro Triathlon presents the perfect solution for these athletes so special encapsulating in this vehicle everything you need for your workout and beyond to where you want to go. The trunk is the air-to integrate a porta bike, has tool boxes and multiple holes in which to save our utensils as helmets, shoes sports or strings.

, as well as other prototype, the doors on the passenger side have been replaced by a opening suicide and have removed all seats except for the pilot, all this to maximize the interior space. We have a shower to took a shower and even a bed where they can rest. Of course the vehicle will drive by itself.

KIA Sedona School of Rock


This minivan of KIA is transformed into the essential complement to your rock band. Is what you might call a concert hall on wheels to be able to carry your group and your fans to the place you most want. The outside is decorated like any good car music band however is much more than vinyl since on the roof has installed a pair of speakers of great power next to another couple in the boot to get the notes of the guitar to your passionate audience.

Its interior has been completely modified to be a scenario where to play the whole band, if it should be clear, has even installed a lighting system to match. We also found all the electronics to eq our music as well as compartments which carry the instruments.