Kia Ceed 2018, in full phase of development

Prueba Kia Pro_Cee´d GT

new generation of the Kia Ceed is being developed. The in-house engineers in south korea are working to renew the compact of the brand, a model that upholds the emblem of Kia in the C-segment and represents one of the greatest strengths of the same company. Your new edition will bring new transcendental, being important the fact that, as pointed out by the latest reports, share much of its aesthetic with its cousin the Hyundai i30.

In this way, the Kia Ceed 2018 would have more in common with the Hyundai i30 that we could possibly imagine. We do not know up to that point, but the rumors, these facts speak that the new Ceed will be more practical and you will be a aesthetic less daring. Your measures will grow, benefitting the battle that will lead to a few rear seats more habitable. The boot also provide further measures, all to win the game to their opponents.

Prueba Kia Pro_Cee´d GTIn terms of the range mechanics, it is expected that the compact will have the same abundant supply that offers up to now and which it shares with the Hyundai i30. The options will be more efficient, and the majority of their engines will have an in-depth review. versions also will not change, with a variant coupe, five-door and SW or family member. After being presented in society, will come the option of the sport model.

If math doesn’t fail, it will be submitted in 2018. At the end of next year we could see some brush strokes of this new generation, showing a advancement of the brand in some of the most important events of the calendar.

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