KIA Ceed 2018: Teach your dashboard for the first time


The new cee’d hunted again.

The new generation of the KIA cee’d has been rather elusive these past few months. Until now, only been able to see it on the open road, on one occasion, while shooting tests. Again, we go back to hunt one of these units, who still have a deep camouflage. Although our photographers have managed to to be able to have access for the first time inside.

The KIA cee’d will be a derivative of the Hyundai i30, a model that was presented in the past Hall of Paris. So despite its differentiating design, technically derived from the i30, sharing its frame, and its range mechanics.

is to Be expected that the range of the cee’d has the same engines, supercharged gasoline and diesel that we find in the new Hyundai i30. As the schema of suspension and brakes.


The dashboard also differs from that mounted on the i30.

as for the interior, like its body you receive a different design to the compact Hyundai. In this case, we find a dashboard on which the display is placed on top with the air vents rectangular sides. The rest of the center console is formed by two areas of buttons, grouped in a linear manner.

This unit was seen in Germany, where is taking place the development of the model, which should be presented this year. Your date as much as possible of the presentation will be in September, during the celebration of the Frankfurt show 2017, just a year after the international debut of the Hyundai i30.

In terms of its image, the camouflage of this unit does not allow us to fast forward too much. Sand intuits a profile more stylized than the compact Hyundai, and the grille typical of the brand, so-called ‚ÄúTiger nose”, located on the front area. This unit seems to already have their optical final, also hidden under the camouflage.