KIA Drive Wise, the sub-brand Korean autonomous vehicles


Drive Wise is the brand new KIA for the development of autonomous vehicles

KIA strong bet by the driving autonomous. During the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in las Vegas has unveiled a new sub-brand focused on the development of vehicles that drive themselves called Drive Wise. The group Korean recently introduced another sub-brand within the branch Hyundai focused on the luxury, Genesis.

Drive Wise promises a vehicle without a driver by 2030

The brand new and the technologies have been featured in a KIA Soul EV by way of a prototype, although he promises that their efforts to estimate a vehicle partially autonomous street to the 2020. Ten years later, in 2030, vehicle without driver will become a reality in the range of the koreans.

The technologies presented include conducting autonomous roads Highway Autonomous Driving (HAD), something like the AutoPilot Tesla, and driving an autonomous city Urban Autonomous Driving (UAD).


The parking autonomous without a driver also will be a reality in KIA

Using sensors, radars, cameras and GPS, the vehicle processes the environment by recognizing and analyzing the lines in the asphalt that mark the lanes, the position of the car on the road, the other vehicles, and the reading of traffic signs, as well as traffic lights -even those that have more than three lights-.

This Soul is able to follow another car ahead even if the road markings are difficult to detect by their degradamiento or absence with the Preceding Vehicle Following (PVF). Also adds emergency braking Emergency Stop System (ESS), and monitors the state of the driver with the Driver Status Monitoring (DSM), if the software detects that the driver is very distracted/drowsy, the vehicle is able to stop itself properly and safely.

Other systems are the Autonomous Valet Parking (AVP) that allows the vehicle to park only with the driver out of him and the Jam Traffic Assist (TJA) that assists us in the traffic jams of the cities following the vehicle that precedes us. You can see the technologies demonstrated in the following video.