Kia Forte Koup Mud Blogger, the last madness of the SEMA

Kia Forte Koup Mud BoggerWhen we talk about the SEMA Show Las Vegas there is no longer anything that surprises us. There you can find preparations more beasts and amazing of the automotive world. It seems that this is the path you want to follow Kia, that will six news to this event. A few days ago presented to the muscular Sorento Pacwest Adventure and want to follow the path of the off-road with his new insanity.

Talk of the Kia Forte Koup Mud Blogger, a curious off-road that has been taken as a base, a body coupe. The model on which it sits, this project is about the Kia Forte Koup, a compact is not marketed in Europe. However, the body seems to the only element that reminds us of the series model, because the changes have been substantial.

Kia Forte Koup 2014

Kia Forte Koup 2014

According to the brand, has represented “the adventurers from the south of America and the joy of inexplicable spot the four wheels.” As good off-road has had to be raise the maximum suspensions to gain height with respect to the ground. Also to be able to use their huge tires off-road 28-inch. The fenders and the side skirts have also been modified with this committed and has installed a new front bumper.

Among other changes, has a panoramic roof that gives way to the light to its interior, whose floor is covered with the protective coating Line-X. It has introduced a roll cage that shows that the Mud Blogger is serious, and the seats of series of the Forte Koup have been replaced by two Sparco Evo II type bacquet in red color.

For more details of this radical off-road we will have to wait for the November 3, when begins the SEMA Show in Las Vegas. There will not be only, because as we said, Kia will introduce six vehicles that represent six regions of the united States.

Source – Kia