KIA Forte, the compact sedan from south korea to debut in Detroit

The compact sedan, or sedan of C-segment, have lately become a fashion to which many brands have been united. Audi with its A3 Sedan, or a BMW with their 2 Series, are two clear examples of this type of vehicles have a market, and is that really expanding the interior space of the model. Now KIA would have done the same thing with the KIA cee’d.

The signature sister of KIA within the Group, Hyundai Motors is the own Hyundai. This signature south Korean already has a vehicle of this type, the Hyundai Elantra. KIA will produce the KIA Forte, which would be a cee’d done sedan, at least for what we know until now, for the us market.

it Is expected that this new model aimed at the us market will be presented in the Detroit Auto show. Their lines would be very similar to those we might see on an Elantra, and we are not surprise in the least that the new KIA Forte shares many elements with the compact sedan from Hyundai.

The front is the same as that of a cee’d, with the grill feature of all models of the signature south Korean, called the Tiger Nose -the nose of tiger – and lenses that are similar to the compact KIA. Behind is a mix between a Optima and Elantra, with LED optics that define a futuristic design and the lack of chrome, that can only be viewed on the side, located on the frames of the windows.

Personally, would not surprise me that KIA was booked a model as european only for the american market, more taking into account what I said at the beginning of the article, the fact that it is trend that increasingly more brands produce new variants of their compact models, such as versions of family or the sedan. We can only wait for the Detroit Auto show to be sure.

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