Kia inaugurates a new production plant in Mexico

Kia inaugura una nueva planta de producción en MéjicoThe brand south Korean Kia, belonging to the manufacturer Hyundai Motor Group, not only are you getting some good sales in our country and in Europe, where is already a brand of cars generalist, but also at a global level. To supply a good part of the world markets, Kia has been forced to create new plants of production across the planet.

The latter has been inaugurated in America, and already is the sixth plant that the asian brand has away from their country of origin. Is located in Mexico, in particular in Fishery, in the state of Nuevo Leon, to the north of the country. The construction of the plant started in the last quarter of 2014 and has of course a investment by Kia of its suppliers of 2,700 million euros.

Kia inaugura una nueva planta de producción en Méjicotells Kia that thanks to this plant the number of annual production around the world will exceed the 3,56 million units, manufacturing this new factory of an estimated 400,000 vehicles a year by the end of 2018. Even though it has been recently inaugurated, has been in operation since the month of may with the production of the Kia Cerato. Right now is only producing with a turn, and assembles about 100,000 cars annually on average, or what is the same, 68 cars every hour. Before you reach the 400,000 units shall establish two more work shifts in 2017 to achieve a rate of 300,000 cars a year.

Is floor will give employment to about 14,000 people between personal of the own manufacturing and supplier companies. About 80 % of the production will be exported to multiple countries between Latin american markets and the united States, where they expect a strong increase of its sales. In addition, at the beginning of next year will be one of the places where the manufacturer produced the new Kia Rio that will be presented within a few days at the Paris.